Food and Drink Specials around Wilmington, NC

About Us

A little bit about this site and why we put it together: was built to solve 3 real needs that exist:

  • The need for local restaurants and bars to be able to more effectively market their specials and acquire new customers.
  • The need for us all to be able to stretch the money we work so hard to make a little but thinner to make like more enjoayable.
  • The need for everyone to be able to spend more time out, making memories, with our friends, family, and loved ones.


My name is Lou, I moved to Wilmington, NC in 2011 from Massachusetts and while I absolutely loved it here, it was tough not knowing a soul here.  As crazy as it might sound, restaurant specials helped me make friends and meet new people.  On Tuesday nights I would post up an event on Facebook around a 2Fer Tuesday wings event at Wild Wing Cafe to which I would usually get 8-10 random acquaintances / friends together to go out and have a great time.  So I guess this site was build for me, just as much as it was for you.  I want more events like this and more time like that with my friends.

Food and drink helps us bond, share stories, and create new memories.  If we can do that in a less expensive way it means we can do more of it.  I hope everyone can make good use of the specials that are found on this site.  Visit some local businesses, have a ton of fun!  All I ask a couple favors of you in exchange for helping you save what could add up to a lot of money… they arent difficult favors but they can make a huge difference…

Please drink responsibly, its easy to have 1 too many… but for the love of your friends and family, do not drive buzzed or drunk.  Get a cab, get a ride, have a DD, or go out within walking distance.  Its just not safe to be driving under the influence.  The other favor is please tell your friends about, word of mouth advertising is the most powerful advertising there is.

The more people that know about us, the bigger we will become, check in at restaurants you visit and tag us on Facebook. #WhyPayFullPrice